About me

This is me.  I’m a crazy Canadian who has lived all over the world. I’m a mom to three amazingly weird and wonderful people and a girlfriend to THE BEST guy on the planet (the Cowboy).  I drink too much wine but it’s red so I hear it’s good for your heart, I swear WAY too much and I hoard yarn like it’s about to run out,  I yarn were meth, I’d have no teeth, I quit smoking after 27 years and thankfully haven’t turned into one of those annoying ex-smokers that I always wanted to smash in the neck….I fiercely love my kids, think my ass is way smaller than it actually is.  I’m one of those crazy home birthin’ moms who makes her own cloth diapers from scratch and believes in homeschoolin’, eating mostly veggies and in general being a hippie.  I long for the day of marriage equality and gender equality…for the day when the colour of ones skin is completely irrelevant.  Feel free to look around the blog and comment if you’d like….if I offend you, the likelihood is that you are not the first person I have offended (today) and you will most certainly not going to be the last.


  1. And that’s why you are a wonderful friend, because we have so much in common! well that and I have the hots for your brother.

    1. I changed my about me today, I still think we have much in common…:)!

  2. 🙂

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