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  1. 2018. The Year of the Bucket List! — January 1, 2018
  2. Chosen. — April 15, 2017
  3. I left my heart in backwoods Ohio….. — June 15, 2016
  4. Cupid, draw back your bow…. — February 4, 2016
  5. Drumroll please….2016 the Year of….. — December 21, 2015

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Jan 01

2018. The Year of the Bucket List!

  Do you know what today is?  Today is 483 days until I turn 50.  Yes, I have a countdown, yes it’s on my phone.   Yes I realize it’s just a number.  No I’m not REMOTELY upset about turning 50.  BUT the thing is it’s there…like super close.  It’s not something in the abstract that …

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Apr 15


July  30, 2009.  That was a day that will live in my heart forever. Ok, in all honesty I totally had to look it up.  I mean we were in the throws of moving to Germany and we didn’t even get notification that the adoption was final for MONTHS afterwards.  But that doesn’t diminish the …

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Jun 15

I left my heart in backwoods Ohio…..

Remember when I went to camp with 100 complete strangers last year in the middle of nowhere?  I did it again. Last year I couldn’t adequately describe what camp did for me.  I couldn’t put into words the affect the experience had on me and how it changed my life.  I mean I could, I …

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Feb 04

Cupid, draw back your bow….

It’s amazing how when you are feeling blue suddenly there is a light.  In my case that light is shaped remarkably similar to a 12 year old boy.  Last night my sweet Mr. Magoo decided to draw the entire family as Simpson characters.  I am drawn as Marge.  This might be my favourite thing ever. …

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Dec 21

Drumroll please….2016 the Year of…..

But first how I got to this year’s intention… She’s not the daughter I wanted. Those words have shaped my entire life.  For those who don’t know me and probably a few that do, you may be shocked to find out that those are the words that have defined my entire life.  Those words were …

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Oct 01

Out with the old….

My old kitchen. Original cupboards were broken in a lot of places.  There was almost no counter space AND we had a dead wall.  The old owners had a little 2 person table on the dead wall but when we had a table there it just became a dumping ground. My new kitchen is all …

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Sep 06

The House to Home… far….

It’s back to school week here and while that makes for busier mornings we are all happy to be back into the groove with more of a routine.  Here is Mr. Magoo hamming it up for his annual Back To School on the front step photo shoot.     The house is coming along!  Once …

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Jul 11

Sixteen years of dreadlocks……

When I turned 30 I decided I was done.  Done straightening my hair, done paying hundreds or dollars for weaves and braids.  Done being anything but authentically myself.  My youngest two kids have only every known me to have locs.   A few times over the years I have cut my locs but I’ve never …

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Jun 16

Once a Dream. Now my Life!

So YEARS ago while living overseas I started hearing about a movement called Backyard Chickens.  I was shocked.  I mean people in the middle of the city having chickens?  How cool is that.  At the time I wasn’t in the place to actually HAVE chickens but that didn’t stop me from joining and salivating …

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Jun 13

Garden 2015….it’s ON!

So last year was my first garden.  It did ‘ok’ but it wasn’t great.  This year I’m back at it and having some early success!  Last year I think I just overthought it. As soon as the beds and pots were workable I put compost in all the dirt.  Last year I started all my …

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