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Eight weeks can change your life.

So something changed. On May 2nd I went to see a new doctor. It wasn’t a normal doctor. It was a hormone specialist. Let me back up? No, there is too much.  Let me sum up. (Points for anyone who gets the reference). I’m a 50 year old woman. I started to go through peri-menopause …

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The first step to our future.

So the Cowboy and I have decided that we want to move to the country.  But of course it’s never that easy is it?  He’s still on the road.  We still have a couple of kids at home. I have a job.  We aren’t independently wealthy.  Land here is expensive.  BUT the dream of both …

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The Cowboy & The Cupid GET MARRIED! AKA we did WHAT?

Okay….we did a thing and if you’re reading this then we actually went through with it. I wanted to be sure that I kept a record for everyone so that after the fact people could share our journey. WE’RE MARRIED!! Shall we start at the beginning? Six and a half years ago in Walmart. How …

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