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Oct 01

Out with the old….

My old kitchen. Original cupboards were broken in a lot of places.  There was almost no counter space AND we had a dead wall.  The old owners had a little 2 person table on the dead wall but when we had a table there it just became a dumping ground. My new kitchen is all …

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Aug 17

Freecycle, Kijiji & Earthcycle.

Yes I know, second post in one day….I am all over the redecorating for nothing.  The other day I left some coffee tables at a garage sale and I’m still kicking myself over it.  But today I’m ecstatic I found a FREE chair on Kijiji and my girl Roxie took me over to pick it up. It …

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Jul 09

End of term picnic in the park…with SUNSHINE (mostly)

Before I start with the picnic I just have to share.  This is the newest craft magazine on the market.  It’s AMAZING.   Love love love it. Anyway on to the end of term picnic. Whatever your thoughts on school uniforms you have to admit that this is the cutest thing EVER.  Mr. Magoo wore …

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Jan 01

Blog resolution…

I should totally make a resolution to blog every day of 2011. um, no. First the knitting.  This is the yarn Mr. Magoo wants a pair of socks out of, but currently it’s making a beret/tam so he has to wait.  This means that everytime he sees it, he tries to bring it to me …

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Dec 31

Kiss my ASS 2010!

I didn’t get noise makers for tonight.  Why?  Cause I hate noise makers.  I did  get Christmas crackers for the 25th and we didn’t get the cheap £1 ones from Poundland either!  These ones came with fancy crowns and everything! The problem with Christmas crackers is that they are so fun that it’s almost impossible …

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Oct 11

Car boot heaven….

I’m living in the UK, car boot heaven and until yesterday I hadn’t been to a single one.  I used to watch BBC Canada a LOT back home and most of my favorite shows had to do with property but there were a few that had more to do with antiquing and car booting.  What’s …

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Sep 12

Send modge podge….and a glue gun.

So husband is gone.  To FRANCE.  When I would go on a grade 5 field trip it would be to Prince Albert, I’m just sayin’.   So I’m home with the monkeys and what happens, I have a crafting emergency.  You know where you are sitting there minding your own business and suddenly you HAVE …

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Nov 13

Knitting IS my therapy.

IMG_0886 Originally uploaded by allycupe I’m knitting up a storm here in cold, dark, rainy Germany. I am just finishing up a delightful pair of socks for Elijah. I really like the way these knit up. They are from More Sensational Socks (of course). But the reason I’m so excited it because after these socks …

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Sep 02

Somethings are the same no matter where you live.

Two blog posts in one day!  This is what happens when you mix early morning, coffee and the excitement of the Internet man coming to my house! Turns out that when the Ikea catalogue comes to the mail box, it doesn’t matter if you can read the words it’s still just as exciting to go …

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Jun 01

I should probably bump into walls more…

I’m not sure why I don’t notice some things that others notice.  I like to think that I’m just above the superficial things in life and that I’m so advance emotionally that I live life on a different level but I think that illusion is leaving the building.  For the second time this school year …

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