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I do EXIST, Canada Post says so!

Okay, I knew the package would be good.  I knew it would be filled with personality of the giver. I kinda thought with football season starting it might just be filled Denver Bronco coloured yarn…… Wow, is all I can say is wow.  I have no witty smart mouth comments.  I can’t begin to tell …

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My secret pal is spying on me….

I’ve spent the morning searching the house for the cameras. A couple of days ago I was finishing off N’s sock (the knee high in pink) with a short row toe and I was searching madly for stitch holders. I found 2 out of the 900 million (or so) that I’ve had over the years. …

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Knitting stuff!

I love the mail man….oops mail woman, no that can’t be right mail carrier! KnitPicks package came yesterday….I remember ordering it in a haze but not really the specifics. Now I’m DYING to cast on the purple, green and chocolate stripe into a cool pair of socks. Plus I’ m trying to round out some …

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A Contest! A Contest!

Oh how I love Crazy Aunt Purl…..and she’s having a contest! Enter!

Oh yeah, it’s a KNITTING blog….

Yes! I finished N’s socks BEFORE the first day of school! She then chose NOT to wear them…..ingrate! Oh well she wore them this morning, apparently she was ‘saving’ them to wear today…yeah yeah whatever. I’ve already cast on another pair but these ones are going to be knee socks. She’s lucky I’m addicted to …

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Titleless Tuesday.

I’ve decided that alliteration is cool and fun and more entertaining than anything I could come up with for a title. So instead of racking my brain trying to come up with one I am coming up with an entire concept. Now on Tuesdays, NO TITLE….it’s revolutionary, it’s forward thinking, it’s new order (well not …

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Yarn sale….

Now there’s two words that sound perfect together. Saturday was the annual Ewe Asked for it sale (no website, darn!) It starts at 8 in the morning and I like to get there before they open because 1. I’m a geek and 2. The most interesting people are always there first thing (stop laughing). This …

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Picture post!

I FINALLY figured out how to get the camera working (solved the iPod issue as well, I’m a genius) and so now I can post the many many promised pics from the last few weeks. First Mr. McGoo has a birthday and while he loved the singing and the candle blowing he HATED the sparkly …

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Note to self….

Oy Vey….when you post a comment to the Yarn Harlot and you happen to be first, perhaps you should check your latest post because your traffic is going to go way up.  All I can picture is knitters the world over spewing coffee at their screen’s or accidently dropping stitches when they ‘zip over’ to …

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Birthday Bounty

Okay, so as I write this I’m rather pissed that my blog is taking away from some quality knitting time…why you ask….because my birthday was a bounty of knitting not to be rivaled…and I need to get back to it! The list. 1. ball winder (oldest kid who wrapped and put his name of the …

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