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Dec 21

Drumroll please….2016 the Year of…..

But first how I got to this year’s intention… She’s not the daughter I wanted. Those words have shaped my entire life.  For those who don’t know me and probably a few that do, you may be shocked to find out that those are the words that have defined my entire life.  Those words were …

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Oct 01

Out with the old….

My old kitchen. Original cupboards were broken in a lot of places.  There was almost no counter space AND we had a dead wall.  The old owners had a little 2 person table on the dead wall but when we had a table there it just became a dumping ground. My new kitchen is all …

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Sep 06

The House to Home… far….

It’s back to school week here and while that makes for busier mornings we are all happy to be back into the groove with more of a routine.  Here is Mr. Magoo hamming it up for his annual Back To School on the front step photo shoot.     The house is coming along!  Once …

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Jul 11

Sixteen years of dreadlocks……

When I turned 30 I decided I was done.  Done straightening my hair, done paying hundreds or dollars for weaves and braids.  Done being anything but authentically myself.  My youngest two kids have only every known me to have locs.   A few times over the years I have cut my locs but I’ve never …

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Jun 02

Camp Throwback or How to Fall in Love with 100 People in 4 Days

Who doesn’t want go into the backwoods of Ohio and sleep in a tiny bunk?  This year I decided to join a bunch of adults and go back to camp .  Not just any camp but one thrown by the incomparable Brittany Gibbons.  *Side note*  Her book Fat Girl Walking is out and it’s RIDICULOUSLY …

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May 14

A broken dishwasher + a Crazy Cowboy = a new KITCHEN!

And the renovation begins!  What I’ve learnt in a renovation is that all the boring shit goes first.   So the electricians were here and put in the pot lights.  The painter was here and took out the popcorn ceiling out while we were getting the house painted.  It looks great but there is no …

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Apr 04

….and like that *poof* he’s gone…

And he’s gone…. In 8 days I man can get a lot done.  I didn’t know this before but I do now.  The Cowboy came home and worked like his ass was on fire and now I have some completed rooms.  Wanna see?  Tough.  You are. The first room finished was the main bathroom.  Cowboy …

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Mar 23

On a quiet Spring morning surrounded by snow….

Mrs. Pressmann: I’m thinking of changing back to my maiden name. Walter Carpenter: Can you still remember it?   i am WAY to good a blogger to just stop blogging for MONTHS. Geez, why didn’t someone message me and beg for a new post.  Oh wait, someone did.  Several someones and yet I still didn’t …

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Dec 18

All About That Bass…..

So I decided I should update exactly how my yearly intentions have changed my life.  A couple years back I made the intention that I would have a Year of Awesome.  It was a pretty brave statement.  I was coming out of my second failed marriage.  I had two children and a mountain of debt. …

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Jul 26

I’ve got a great set of cans…..

How long did I sit here TRYING to come up with a double entendre for the whole ‘canning’ thing?  Way too long. I don’t know what YOU do on an rainy Saturday morning but for me and my new addiction today was a perfect day to try out a new canning recipe I saw. ROOT …

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