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Jun 16

Once a Dream. Now my Life!

So YEARS ago while living overseas I started hearing about a movement called Backyard Chickens.  I was shocked.  I mean people in the middle of the city having chickens?  How cool is that.  At the time I wasn’t in the place to actually HAVE chickens but that didn’t stop me from joining and salivating …

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Jun 13

Garden 2015….it’s ON!

So last year was my first garden.  It did ‘ok’ but it wasn’t great.  This year I’m back at it and having some early success!  Last year I think I just overthought it. As soon as the beds and pots were workable I put compost in all the dirt.  Last year I started all my …

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Jul 26

I’ve got a great set of cans…..

How long did I sit here TRYING to come up with a double entendre for the whole ‘canning’ thing?  Way too long. I don’t know what YOU do on an rainy Saturday morning but for me and my new addiction today was a perfect day to try out a new canning recipe I saw. ROOT …

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Jun 24

The Fern Lady lives here….

The learning curve with gardening has been remarkable easy.  Okay wait.  That is a total lie.  For the last twenty five odd years since I have moved out of my mothers house I have killed every house plant within a 5 block radius.  It started with a fern in 1989 and it just went downhill …

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Jun 05

Me versus Nature…

I think I’ll just talk about my garden to everyone and do nothing else but watch peas grow.  So far there are things that are dying and things that are growing.   More on the things that are growing later but first….I have an intruder.  There is the cutest little vermin that has infiltrated my …

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May 22

One year later….

So last year we bought  a house.  It was very exciting and it meant the world to me. Cowboy and I have a long list of things we would like to do to the house to make it all ours.  Luckily we have the same taste (sort of) and we both believe in adding value to …

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Mar 12

Gardening…in March….under snow.

I’m not even kidding.  ALL I’m thinking about is my veggie garden.  Currently it’s about the THIRD day above freezing, so I’m a little early.  But I just can’t wait.    I’m dying to start.  I have a such a great space to work with this year and a huge plan for all the bounty …

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Mar 09

I feel the need, the need for….accessories….

When I was a young girl I used to have one of those paper dolls that came with a book full of clothes, shoes, hats and accessories.  I used to sit at the table for hours switching it all up.  This purple dress with a red hat and yellow galoshes….it was so much fun!  One …

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Sep 19

Pluto is NOT a planet…

Ok, so things have changed since I was in school.  The Soviet Union is no more, the Wall is down in Germany, Yugoslavia…finished.  I’m pretty up on world happenings so not much throws me for a loop.  Um, so how did I miss that Pluto is no longer a planet??? We are doing a unit …

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Sep 13

And the walls come tumblin’ tumblin’

              No matter the situation there is always cooking to be done.  Yesterday my wonderful next door neighbor invited me to take as much of her garden in as I wanted.  Her husband passed away a few weeks ago and her garden is overgrowing. Her middle aged daughter lives …

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