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Apr 15


July  30, 2009.  That was a day that will live in my heart forever. Ok, in all honesty I totally had to look it up.  I mean we were in the throws of moving to Germany and we didn’t even get notification that the adoption was final for MONTHS afterwards.  But that doesn’t diminish the …

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Sep 24

My kids are just fine, thank you very much….

Okay I get that everyone has the ‘right’ to raise their children as they see fit.  I also get that not everyone agrees on every issue.  I also understand that there are different methods that work AND there are different methods that do NOT work.  But here’s the thing. you will never convince me that …

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Oct 06

Time 4 Learning Review!

Okay we are 1 month into homeschooling and using Time 4 Learning. First let me say that I’m a new homeschooler and I really don’t have a clue what I’m doing!! I haven’t used anything but this system so I don’t have anything to compare it to really. As long as it works for Mr. …

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Sep 19

Pluto is NOT a planet…

Ok, so things have changed since I was in school.  The Soviet Union is no more, the Wall is down in Germany, Yugoslavia…finished.  I’m pretty up on world happenings so not much throws me for a loop.  Um, so how did I miss that Pluto is no longer a planet??? We are doing a unit …

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Jul 09

End of term picnic in the park…with SUNSHINE (mostly)

Before I start with the picnic I just have to share.  This is the newest craft magazine on the market.  It’s AMAZING.   Love love love it. Anyway on to the end of term picnic. Whatever your thoughts on school uniforms you have to admit that this is the cutest thing EVER.  Mr. Magoo wore …

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Jul 03

Best Canada Day EVER!

The largest Canada Day party outside of Canada is in LONDON!  There was no way we were going to miss that!  So although the kids still have week of school left,  I pulled them for the day.  I mean come on!  It must illegal for a Canadian to work on July 1st right?  So we …

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Jan 23

Ten for Tea?

Miss Thing was invited to a birthday party today and it was for TEA~!  How cute is that?  I’d looked up the Tea Party on the web and thought, what a fantastic idea but then we saw it and I just about DIED .  You just cannot believe how cute it is!  We met the …

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Nov 13

Knitting IS my therapy.

IMG_0886 Originally uploaded by allycupe I’m knitting up a storm here in cold, dark, rainy Germany. I am just finishing up a delightful pair of socks for Elijah. I really like the way these knit up. They are from More Sensational Socks (of course). But the reason I’m so excited it because after these socks …

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Jun 01

I should probably bump into walls more…

I’m not sure why I don’t notice some things that others notice.  I like to think that I’m just above the superficial things in life and that I’m so advance emotionally that I live life on a different level but I think that illusion is leaving the building.  For the second time this school year …

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Oct 12

Sushi night in Canada.

So “N” desperately wanted to make sushi.  Since there is no family thing this weekend for Thanksgiving I figured what the hell.  We made vegetable sushi and salmon maki.  We also made Orange Chicken teriyaki with homemade teriyaki sauce and vegetable tempura from scratch.  It was AWESOME.  I think I’ll make the kids sushi for …

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