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I need some walking shoes.

I have to invest in some really good walking shoes.  I NEED them to be stylish but more importantly I need them to protect my feet if I’m going to be trapsing up and down the street of Salzburg. ( really it’s taken me this long to use that line and I’ve been in Germany …

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It’s getting better every day.

Well we are finally getting settled after a week in the new house.  Scott has started work and the kids go back to school in a week.  I thought I’d give a little bit of a pictorial of the area for all the folks back home (and you out in internet land!) First the kitchen …

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Almost done..

What started out this morning as a pile of boxes is making it’s way to a gorgeous red German kitchen! Wolfgang will be back in the morning to finish the kitchen, cut the grass and put up some lights for us!  (normally we’d cut the grass but it’s ‘new’ and apparently wolfgang wants to be …

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I’m sitting here watching the kitchen as it’s being installed.  So far the cabinets are almost in and the dishwasher is in place.  Wolfie (as I call him only in my blog) is busy building away.  He did have to go for a part but he’s back and back to work.  Wolfie looks like Jean …

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Our kitchen is here!

Well we have a kitchen.  We have a kitchen in boxes all over our main floor. Scott put together the table and chairs and tomorrow Wolfgang (our handyman) is coming at 9 am to put together the kitchen and hopefully hang some lights!

Dining room and chairs!

I almost forgot, we also bought a dining room table (plain wooden table for 6) and 6 chairs that look like this… Hubby really wanted the bench style but we just didn’t have time to try to drag the kids around looking for a good one that was also within our budget!   I hope …

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My new kuchen!

I can’t wait for the kitchen to be delivered on MONDAY!!!!! It’s RED!  And just like this BUT there is an extra pantry about 30cm wide and the kitchen is reversed.  For you North Americans out there, the fridge is the tall pantry on the left of the picture and it has a fridge and …

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We’re here!

Crazy!  We are in the last night in the hotel and heading to our new place tomorrow, don’t know when I’ll have internet again but will post asap! Wish us luck!