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Apr 15


July  30, 2009.  That was a day that will live in my heart forever. Ok, in all honesty I totally had to look it up.  I mean we were in the throws of moving to Germany and we didn’t even get notification that the adoption was final for MONTHS afterwards.  But that doesn’t diminish the …

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Oct 01

Out with the old….

My old kitchen. Original cupboards were broken in a lot of places.  There was almost no counter space AND we had a dead wall.  The old owners had a little 2 person table on the dead wall but when we had a table there it just became a dumping ground. My new kitchen is all …

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Sep 06

The House to Home… far….

It’s back to school week here and while that makes for busier mornings we are all happy to be back into the groove with more of a routine.  Here is Mr. Magoo hamming it up for his annual Back To School on the front step photo shoot.     The house is coming along!  Once …

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Jun 16

Once a Dream. Now my Life!

So YEARS ago while living overseas I started hearing about a movement called Backyard Chickens.  I was shocked.  I mean people in the middle of the city having chickens?  How cool is that.  At the time I wasn’t in the place to actually HAVE chickens but that didn’t stop me from joining and salivating …

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Jun 13

Garden 2015….it’s ON!

So last year was my first garden.  It did ‘ok’ but it wasn’t great.  This year I’m back at it and having some early success!  Last year I think I just overthought it. As soon as the beds and pots were workable I put compost in all the dirt.  Last year I started all my …

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May 14

A broken dishwasher + a Crazy Cowboy = a new KITCHEN!

And the renovation begins!  What I’ve learnt in a renovation is that all the boring shit goes first.   So the electricians were here and put in the pot lights.  The painter was here and took out the popcorn ceiling out while we were getting the house painted.  It looks great but there is no …

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Apr 04

….and like that *poof* he’s gone…

And he’s gone…. In 8 days I man can get a lot done.  I didn’t know this before but I do now.  The Cowboy came home and worked like his ass was on fire and now I have some completed rooms.  Wanna see?  Tough.  You are. The first room finished was the main bathroom.  Cowboy …

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Mar 30

The year of the house is getting messy….

Yesterday I took off with some of the olders to see Book of Mormon.   If I wasn’t on the fast track before I’m going somewhere hot at some point I am now.  I texted my oldest today saying at least if we end up in the eternal flame it’ll be a good time because …

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Jan 03

2015 The Year Our House becomes Our HOME.

And so the Year of Style comes to a close.  Gone are my ridiculous spending sprees at Modcloth.  Now I have a full closet of beautiful dresses!  Okay, that might be a little premature considering I currently have two orders waiting for me at the US post box.  What it really means is I have …

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Jun 08

Breaking up is hard to do…

First let me say I never foresee me having to break up ever again in my entire life.  I’m set.  I’m good.  I have the best partner/mate/boyfriend for me EVER.  I’m beyond happy.  But the happier I am in this relationship the more I realize what crap I had before.   Not just as an …

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