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One step closer!


I’m stressed. Not just a little stressed but a big big stress. Trying to get the house together for a big announcement. No, I’m not pregnant. More later. Eek.

Life lesson number 578!

Well to say that I’m not in a happy place would be the understatement of the century. I have been screwed. Not like “oh gee let’s hurt allison a little” but a bend this bitch over the table type of screwed. And funny enough, I should have known better. For the last 11 years I …

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Well this is weird….

I’m having a heck of time blogging lately. I can’t sign in. I’m sure your all devasted by my inability to post my witty little knitting nuggets. All my life I wanted to write in a journal. Finally at this late time in my life ( I do believe that I’m now 90 from the …

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