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May 14

A broken dishwasher + a Crazy Cowboy = a new KITCHEN!


And the renovation begins!  What I’ve learnt in a renovation is that all the boring shit goes first.   So the electricians were here and put in the pot lights.  The painter was here and took out the popcorn ceiling out while we were getting the house painted.  It looks great but there is no …

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Apr 04

….and like that *poof* he’s gone…


And he’s gone…. In 8 days I man can get a lot done.  I didn’t know this before but I do now.  The Cowboy came home and worked like his ass was on fire and now I have some completed rooms.  Wanna see?  Tough.  You are. The first room finished was the main bathroom.  Cowboy …

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Mar 30

The year of the house is getting messy….


Yesterday I took off with some of the olders to see Book of Mormon.   If I wasn’t on the fast track before I’m going somewhere hot at some point I am now.  I texted my oldest today saying at least if we end up in the eternal flame it’ll be a good time because …

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