The Cowboy & The Cupid GET MARRIED! AKA we did WHAT?

Okay….we did a thing and if you’re reading this then we actually went through with it. I wanted to be sure that I kept a record for everyone so that after the fact people could share our journey.


Shall we start at the beginning?
Six and a half years ago in Walmart.

How it ALL Began!

So we’ve been living our life happy as clams for the last 6.5 years and then one day in April after my Cowboy asked me for the MILLIONTH time to be his wife.  I said YES.  You read that right….I finally after 6.5 years agreed to marry my Cowboy.  To say he was surprised is an understatement.

Of course we were miles away when we decided to get married so he did what he did every week for over THREE years.  He sent me flowers and a card.  Just like when we were first together.

So since we did all this planning in private here’s a sneak peak into our planning process.     Shortly after Darren and I decided that we would bite the bullet and become man and wife we had to decide on the where and the how because clearly the WHY is obvious.  We are madly in love and we want to take the step of being husband and wife.

Little window into me getting ready for the big day!  I went shopping at Nordstom’s Rack and found the PERFECT dress on the first try.  Seriously….LOOK AT ME!  Damn I’m hot…..Cowboy is a lucky man.


I ordered some calla lilies off amazon and made my own bouquet (in secret in my bedroom so no one saw)


In the midst of planning our forever Mr. G remembered to make sure that I knew this was just as exciting for him and he is happy beyond words.

We told no one…but the kids and a few people we needed help from to pull off our perfect day.  So……Where?  VEGAS BABY.  When we told Elijah about eloping in Vegas we asked “what do you know about Vegas?” and he said “What ever happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!”  In this case our marriage will be completely legal everywhere, not just in Vegas.  So we found an officiant  Julie at Custom Las Vegas Weddings and she has been AMAZING.  I can email her and text and she answers right away.  We wanted quick and easy with no big hassles and she has been the answer to exactly what we needed.   Her company has arranged the photographer, the officiant, the limo to and from the Aria where we are staying!  It’s been so stress free.  Honestly we could have just landed and gone to the nearest chapel but I wanted a day to remember and I wanted to be sure that there were GOOD professional pictures since it would just be the two of us running away to get married.   On that end I also booked a make up artist….I found Makeup 702 and let me tell you, I’m so very happy with the service I’ve received with them so far!  So obviously I wrote this blog post BEFORE we went away but from the service I received from both these vendors before the big day I’m pretty confident everything will be grande!

We are landing in Vegas on April 29th (earlier today) at 1030 am.  Checking into the Aria and then taking a quick cab to the courthouse to pick up our marriage license.  Then back to the Aria (hopefully time to pick up some tacos for lunch).  At 2 pm my travelling make up artist arrives.  The limo picks us up at 350 and we drive over to  arts district.  Ceremony (the place where we say I DO!) will be at the murals in Fremont.  Then we go to the Neon Museum for a photo shoot!!!   Finally back to the Aria to celebrate the culmination of our love (bow chicka bow bow).

Ooooo before I forget…..sneak peek of my NEW wedding ring.  I picked it up the Thursday before I left for Jasper.  So for all you people who are thinking my Cowboy got me drunk and tricked me, no, we actually planned this!


So now we are married! We want to preemptively thank every single one of the well wishes I’m sure will flood our way over the next few days.  Know that we are extremely grateful for the love.

Pictures to come.  Reception this summer in our backyard.  The Cowboy and the Cupid are married….finally.  Oh and tomorrow I’ll wake up and be 50.  So this is a new beginning in almost every single way possible.