Blatant plagarism.

So Marin made a list of things she learned in 2007.  I read it and decided that not only did she learn WAY more than me but that stealing her idea for a post could then become one  thing I learned in 2008.   I’m lucky she’s my friend, she’s so pretty….

  1. If you tell people they are pretty on your blog you can steal their ideas.
  2.  Big dogs equals big poops.
  3. Buying a vacuum is not a joint decision.
  4. I can knit socks.
  5. I can knit socks that fit the person they are suppose to when I’m finished.
  6. I can knit socks on 2 circs.
  7. I have the ability to sell houses.
  8. I can wax my own chin hairs in the privacy of my own home which then lets me deny that I have chin hairs.
  9. I cannot wax my own underarms without a large amount of pain and taking out an eye.
  10. If you wax your eyebrows use a NEW strip of paper for each ‘pull’ or you will take out a strip of eyebrow and have to paint it in for WEEKS (stop laughing)
  11. Entering contests is fun and fruitful even if you just end up with 12 DVD’S that you never open and will probably forget you own.
  12. Being a Mommy doesn’t come from your uterus, it comes from your heart.
  13. If I whine enough my hubby will rub my feet.  If I whine too much he will sleep on the couch.
  14. Just because the Canadian dollar is at par is not reason enough to buy crap you don’t need on Ebay.
  15. You can resell crap you buy on ebay for more than you bought it for cause the Canadian dollar is at par.

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    • Marin on January 8, 2008 at 4:18 pm

    Awwwww… you pretty too.

    Besides, mimicry and flattery and all that.

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