The holiday was fantastic, we did more this year than last and we spent the whole week exploring
On the way home we stopped in Canmore because I had heard there was a knitting store that was not to be missed (as if any knitting store is to be missed).  Here I am looking stunning outside the cutest little knit store I’ve been in a long time.

I bought sock yarn (shut up I know I have too much sock yarn but it was gorgeous).

Oh and for projects I did something I NEVER do, I took ONE thing with me. I cast on a sweater for N the night before we left and spent the whole week knitting it. It’s called the Girlfriend Swing Coat and it’s knit all in one piece. I finished the body and one sleeve and am just about finished the last sleeve…just that and the collar to do, here’s a pic a couple days ago when I had just started going down the first sleeve.