I do EXIST, Canada Post says so!

Okay, I knew the package would be good.  I knew it would be filled with personality of the giver. I kinda thought with football season starting it might just be filled Denver Bronco coloured yarn……

Wow, is all I can say is wow.  I have no witty smart mouth comments.  I can’t begin to tell you how perfect the box was….

What’s inside you ask?  Well me in a box quite frankly….there’s yarn that matches my new couch PERFECTLY, yarn that is the colours of my livingroom, the cutest blue clutch that I’m going to use as a wallet, a sock pattern with the prettiest look to it, fridge magnets that made me giggle, a yarn cutter pendant that I’m pretty sure is going to get jeers from my teenager but it BRILLIANT, bath bombs that I’m usually too cheap to buy for myself, decorator ziplock bags that I would have bought for myself, a voodoo kit that I can only assume she bought because she’s pyschic and she knows i’m fighting with the bussing company regarding N’s drop off spot, and a brass thingie that I think is for socks but I’m a big enough to admit I don’t have a clue what the hell it is or how to use it.

It’s wonderful. It’s thoughtful. It came from someone who is clearly sweet enough to get to know me. It’s from a friend.




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    • Marin on September 20, 2007 at 3:09 pm


    And it is a sock thing. You stick your DPNs (or two circs — I tried, it can be done) in the tube with whatever portion of the sock is done hanging out of the slot, then you can wrap the sock around the tube as it gets bigger.

    I can’t imagine the practicality of this, but it’s kinda pretty.

    And the VooDoo kit? Use it on whomever needs it most.

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