Picture post!

I FINALLY figured out how to get the camera working (solved the iPod issue as well, I’m a genius) and so now I can post the many many promised pics from the last few weeks. First Mr. McGoo has a birthday and while he loved the singing and the candle blowing he HATED the sparkly shooting flames of the crazy candle his mother got him….so I made sure to use them at BOTH parties. This is his last moment of happiness before he realizes his mother is evil and the sparks might ‘get him’.


This is what he usually looks like, running so fast he’s blurry (even in real life) with cookie stuffed in his mouth and eyes half closed as he plots his next destruction.


And this what his mother hopes is a glimpse into the future, a job, clean underwear and a safety hat.


I went to the wonderful LYS where my dealer had a sale (come on in, the first ones free, if your scared, don’t inhale) and bought this wonderful yarn. I decided to buy all she had (4 little harmless balls) and then miraculously she found the nicest pattern that would look ‘just right’ in this yarn and then, surprise surprise she has more skeins in the back. And then she mailed me a frickin’ COUPON! She’s hilarious……


Oh and if you’re curious, the new me is doing VERY well. I’ve been eating healthy healthier and I’ve been walking for an hour or more every day. Shocking I know but aside from the little Tim Horton’s slip up at Jenn’s house, I’ve been a superstar!

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    • Marin on July 4, 2007 at 2:11 pm

    Holy Cats, if I lived in Canada, the “little Tim Horton slip-up” thing would be a constant, ongoing battle cry.

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