Curious isn’t it.  How I come up with charming titles time after time!  I know many of you are scratching your heads wondering how on earth I do it.  Many of my nonblogging and non-knitting friends are constantly asking me where I find the time for all this…..the knitting AND the blogging.  I tell them what I tell my woefully neglected children.  In life you make choices….do I do the dishes or do I cast on a new sock?  do I clean the now brown bathtub or do I write a witty post about how many bacteria can live on the toilet? do I interact with the kids or do I make the kids new hats in many colours so others ask where they got them and in turn interact with said children? And as many of you know, I chose the right thing every time…..the proper thing….the thing that will live on long after I’m gone….no, not the legacy that is well adjusted members of society….I chose the delicate lace pattern shawl or Wendy Bernard’s Girlfriend Swing Coat.  Because really when these little buggers are in therapy they’re going to blame me for everything anyway…I might as well enjoy myself and earn it!  As I’ve always said, if I have to pay for the therapy I get to induce the psychosis.

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  1. Thanks for my laugh of the day, note to self do not drink hot liquids while reading.

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