A broken dishwasher + a Crazy Cowboy = a new KITCHEN!

And the renovation begins!  What I’ve learnt in a renovation is that all the boring shit goes first.   So the electricians were here and put in the pot lights.  The painter was here and took out the popcorn ceiling out while we were getting the house painted.  It looks great but there is no wow factor in pot lights.

I realize now that I should have taken complete before pictures.  I didn’t.  The whole idea of the renovation started because the dishwasher died.

I hung a piece of fabric over the hole and thought when we could afford the one I want (versus a regular dishwasher) we would just buy it and move on.  But my boyfriend is Cowboy so we all know that’s not what happened.


So our kitchen is 10X11.  It’s not a big kitchen but it’s a smart layout.  There are lots of cupboards.  The only issue we seem to have is counter space.  There isn’t a lot of it.


And there is this completely useless open wall.  Notice the fridge.  It’s a delightful fridge.  It’s also ENORMOUS!  And completely unnecessary.  So I’m getting a smaller sized fridge.  More on that later and the life long dream that is being fulfilled.


Thankfully the wall into the dining room was opened up before us so we don’t have major structural stuff to do.



So this is the before.  Next up, hardwood floors for the entire main floor INCLUDING the kitchen.  Those go in pretty quick here.  I’m hoping to have them in and then immediately after have the cupboard people put in the new cabinets so that the disruption is minimal.  Right now they are projecting July as a date for the cabinets.  So really it’s about how long I can go without a sink.  With 5 people and no kitchen.  Ugh.


Next up! The choices so far and why I am waiting for a fridge to come by boat from Italy.