….and like that *poof* he’s gone…

And he’s gone….

In 8 days I man can get a lot done.  I didn’t know this before but I do now.  The Cowboy came home and worked like his ass was on fire and now I have some completed rooms.  Wanna see?  Tough.  You are.

The first room finished was the main bathroom.  Cowboy painted it and put in new floors!  We took out the medicine cabinet and replaced it with floating shelves.   Cowboy is a genius.  No plans just “how far apart do you want them darlin'” and boom!  I get exactly what I want!   The neutral in the house is grey so each room has that as a sort of ‘base’.  I’m trying to tie all the rooms together for nice flow without the house looking all matchy matchy.   So the walls in the main bath are yellow with grey and orange accents.  It’s the bathroom Mr. Magoo uses and his favourite colour is orange.  I think it adds a nice POP.


Then he moved on to the master half bath.

I picked a soft lilac colour and it came out just beautifully.  I would have done the floating shelves in this room as well but we’re both old and need a place for our drugs, lotions & potions that keep us moving.


There was an ugly mirror in the bathroom with an old fashioned ornate frame that just wasn’t doing it for me.  So I asked my beloved if he could make a new frame for it and well of course he did.  With no pattern.  Out of barnwood.

So here’s how I’m doing the house having flow and yet not ‘matchy’.  The neutral in the house is the colour grey and there is a recurring  vintage/farmhouse theme throughout.  Hence the barnwood.  I’m trying to strike a balance between warming up the space and “holy shit why is there barnwood EVERYWHERE”.  It’s a delicate dance.  So far I’m doing okay.  The main rooms will have some features in them and some light touches without it being over done.  Well that’s the hope.  The light fixture was another bargain hunted out by ME the bargain hunter.  Met some lady at the Peavy Mart parking lot and bought it off her.  A $130 vanity light from Lowe’s for $30.  Score!



And finally the most amazing master bedroom I have ever had!  It’s almost complete but already looks so fantastic.

We are going with a iron bed but this is what it’s like so far.  This is the wall that will have the feature barnwood wall so it’s painted but very roughly.  Cowboy wired the bedroom lights directly into the wall AND gave us each an outlet on the sides of the bed.  I’m now in the process of figure out what type of bedside tables I want.    The bed I want it called the Coleman bed and is from Pottery Barn and I’m hoping to order it soon!  I need simple and small bedside tables NOT super expensive 600 dollar bedside tables….hmmm Pinterest it is!


I was going to spray paint the metal closet doors but Cowboy has suggested we take it to an autobody place and get them done professionally.  So I’m taking them in soon.  I’m thinking white but I may go with a silver.



See our originally bedroom makeover item that changed the whole house?  Those his/her barnwood hooks for our robes got the whole process started.


I thought I hated all ceiling fans but I LOVE this one.  It was that horrible brown with rattan inserts…see?


Then Pinterest happened and I did THIS!!!  This is probably the  most successful Pinterest craft thingie I’ve ever done.  The crafts usually it turns out kind of meh…but this was a homerun.  Without pinterest I never would have realized that the rattan thing is only on one side until I took it down to throw it out.  Thank you pinterest, you saved my wallet!


Also I’m in love with Edison lights.  Fits our vintage/farmhouse theme perfectly.



The house is taking shape.  I love every inch of it and I’m so glad that my Cowboy is on board with letting me create a space that is a little bit him and a little bit me and 100% us.  He may question some choices I make but as it comes together and he sees my vision become reality he loves it.   And now he’s back on the road…with a huge load and very sore from all the renovation work.    He’s a good man my Cowboy.  I’m a good woman too,  I’m trying REALLY hard not to come up with a bunch of new projects for his next trip home….