I feel the need, the need for….accessories….

When I was a young girl I used to have one of those paper dolls that came with a book full of clothes, shoes, hats and accessories.  I used to sit at the table for hours switching it all up.  This purple dress with a red hat and yellow galoshes….it was so much fun!  One of my favourite toys, well that and playing dots &boxes on long car rides with my brother.  Now I’m an adult and I’m trying desperately to revamp my style and I’m LOVING IT.  It’s like playing with the paper dolls all over again.  My big dilemma is accessories.  I’m so worried about making sure that I don’t slip back into my “grey box” that I’m buying so may colourful pieces but now the need to accessorize them leaves me in a pickle.  Thankfully I have about 3 feet of snow outside so I have a while before most of my new clothes can be worn so as I build my wardrobe I must also build my accessory wardrobe.  The hardest part for me?  Shoes!  

What do you wear with a mod shift dress with mid-century houses all over it?  What colour?  What style?  I have a cute teal cardigan coming from an online second hand shop that is going to look AMAZING with this.


My first eShakti dress is here and I think it would look good with a nice pair of wedges.  But I think a nice bracelet would work too, and a necklace.  Or would that be too much.  I’m thinking navy wedges and a red chunky necklace.



This next look is the CUTEST DAMN WRAP DRESS EVER.  It’s from Old Navy and it’s so comfortable it feels like wearing pajamas.  Again, I’m seeing a cute pair of wedges, maybe red Toms….but then I’m completely stuck.



My new shoes are starting to show up as well….I haven’t forgotten my goal of no longer being boring.  The first pair is a cute little pair of almost ballet flats.  So comfy and summery, can NOT wait to wear them.  The second pair has got a slight wedge and I can see them with all my new summer dresses. Oh and the t-strap totally makes me feel all sexy.

20140309_212535 20140309_212314 Oh and there was also THIS little darling at the PO Box…I’m going to doing a LOT of canning this year.  Hopefully from my own garden!  It’s out there…under 3 feet of snow but it’s out there….waiting for me to plant it!