Me versus Nature…

I think I’ll just talk about my garden to everyone and do nothing else but watch peas grow.  So far there are things that are dying and things that are growing.   More on the things that are growing later but first….I have an intruder.  There is the cutest little vermin that has infiltrated my precious garden.  And the worst part is, it took me DAYS to realize how much of a threat he was going to be.  For the first few days I kept trying to get a picture of the little cutie!  I was saying to the kids “oh LOOK a bunny”.  It never dawned on me that I should be terrified.  I mean come on, it wasn’t a “He’s got TEETH!” moments.  Extra points to anyone who gets THAT reference….clearly I was a high school geek.  Then after about day three or four of Mr. Bunny’s antics I went out to check on my beautiful new strawberry plants that were blooming and had some actual strawberries growing and what do I find?  Nubs.  As in completely decimated strawberry nubs.  That little shit had eaten it all.  I was sooooo pissed.  You know, in a completely irrational way.  We live TWO blocks from the river.  On Christmas morning we watched as about a half dozen deer walked across the school parking lot directly across from our house.  I totally understand that we live in what is essential a nature reserve, but it didn’t even DAWN on me that perhaps there would be a downside to that….bunnies like to eat exactly what I want to plant.

So for the next few days until Cowboy got home I spent every morning and evening (dusk and dawn is when bunnies hang out apparently) running around chasing a rabbit in a robe with crocs on my feet and a broom. I’m pretty sure I could hear the rabbit actually snickering from underneath my front hedge.  Did I mention I live across the street from my children’s school.  As I tell my kids, we don’t save for retirement in this family, we save for therapy.  I even had one night when a lady from a few blocks away came by to see if the rabbit was her long escaped family pet.  It wasn’t, but she did try to help me…that night I wasn’t wearing a robe, I was fully dressed however, we were chasing a rabbit round the yard with a laundry basket and a blanket.  I have NO idea why my kids just shake their heads and roll their eyes so much.

So finally Cowboy came home after a ridiculously long time on the road and  BOOM now I have a chicken wire fence thingie to keep Bugs out of my damn plants.  I also have a new potato bin that we clandestinely misappropriated from a shop in Nisku and a new rain barrel!  That Cowboy, he gets shit done.

On to the grow…here is the main part of the garden, completely planted.  The first bed on the left has spinach, swiss chard, beets and peas!  The second larger bed has shallots, onions, radishes, lettuce, garlic chives & basil.  The containers are filled with different squashes, pumpkins and cucumbers.  There are bins of potatoes and strawberries everywhere.


Here’s a closer view of the peas with their chicken wire supports.  I have never been so thrilled over a plant in my life.  Mainly because I’ve never grown anything successfully and this is all coming together.


Here is the shipping carton/potato bin.  I hope that this fall it will be filled with banana fingerling potato goodness.  Also Cowboy has no idea what fingerling potatoes are,  I’m pretty sure he thinks I made the name up.

Also you can kind of see the rain barrel in the corner.  You know what the rain barrel has taught me?  There is a LOT of damn water falling off the house from not a very long rain storm.  If you don’t have you drain spouts away from your house there is serious water damage happening to your foundation.  One storm for 5 minutes equals a full rain barrel.  I mean I KNEW about the whole drain spout thing but this seriously confirmed it.


I’m off to go watch my peas grow…and fondle my new strawberries….and look for evidence of that wascally wabbit.   Hopefully the fence works because if this sucker comes back I’m pretty sure that my beloved is going to make it into rabbit stew.  So I’m armed with a broom and wearing my robe, I can hear the school buses out front….the kids won’t be embarrassed will they?