One year later….

So last year we bought  a house.  It was very exciting and it meant the world to me. Cowboy and I have a long list of things we would like to do to the house to make it all ours.  Luckily we have the same taste (sort of) and we both believe in adding value to our home while also making it liveable for US.  So the first order of business was WINDOWS!  Now I know there are a lot of women out there who get excited over diamonds and jewelry and I trust me I think those things are nice BUT nothing gets me giddy like saving money.   After this very cold winter with some pretty high gas bills these windows are the bomb!  Here is a side by side comparison.  The new windows brighten up the whole front of the house!



Here is the window into the mud/laundry room.  It’s also the perfect window for growing seeds for my garden.  I started a lot from seed this year, but it’s NOTHING compared to what is going to go down next year.


This is the daughters new window.  She will be able to get out in case of fire as we made sure it was to code.  We also made sure it’s fitted with an alarm…so you know, in case she gets any other ideas…


The house has a whole face lift!  It looks amazing.  Cowboy is going to flip when he gets home.  Our beautiful house is even more beautiful.



Dude.  I have NO idea how to garden…like NONE.  So this is all new to me.  I’m VERY good at killing plants, not so good at growing them.   But this year I’m determined to have not only flowers but veggies TOO!

I have a love/hate relationship with petunias.  I see them at the green house and buy them and half way through the summer, they are dead.  It’s a combination of forgetting to deadhead them, forgetting to water them and the fact that I’m a shit gardener.  Oh and apparently because I don’t fertilize them!  Who the hell knew that?  Apparently Nicole.  While at the greenhouse she encouraged me to try again saying she will come by and help me if I screw it up.  and then I saw BLACK PETUNIAS!!!  Sold.




My beautiful rhurbarb plant.  As least I know there is NOTHING I can do to fuck this one up.20140522_093635

That bin?  Yeah, it’s potatoes.  I totally wanted Cowboy to build me a 4X4 potato garden but he has had a shit month and hasn’t been home!  I miss him horribly but I also figured out a quick fix.  The banana fingerlings HAD to go in the ground so I hauled out some tubs.  Lets see how this works out.



The year of the squash is ON.   I have squash EVERYWHERE in the yard.  In containers.  Come fall there will be butternut, acorn, spaghetti.  Every kind of squash you can imagine.  Also next year I’m going to have to figure out how the hell to label shit.  Cause I don’t have a clue what I did.

20140522_09362520140522_093613I look forward to a beautiful garden this year.  I have the time to do it, I have friends to help.

Happy Houserversay BABY!

Love you!



    • anita paras on May 22, 2014 at 5:40 pm

    The windows look really nice.

      • admin on May 22, 2014 at 6:30 pm

      Thanks! I’m very happy with them.

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