The House to Home… far….

It’s back to school week here and while that makes for busier mornings we are all happy to be back into the groove with more of a routine.  Here is Mr. Magoo hamming it up for his annual Back To School on the front step photo shoot.




The house is coming along!  Once you start renovations and you start to see things that you have been dreaming about fall into place it gets exciting.  I feel like I’ve been planning this renovation for years.  I probably have, even before we had this house.  I’ve been watching HGTV shows for 20 years and dreaming of some day having this opportunity.  I never believed it would happen but here it is!!

So first thing that happened was the house was painted.  Next the new hardwood floors went in and now the kitchen cabinets are about to be installed.  Along the way we’ve found a few new pieces of furniture and the place is coming together.  Here ya go peeps!

The arrival of the cabinets.  It was a long 7 week wait but they are here!



Well more like ‘here’ waiting to be installed.


So one of the VERY cool ideas that I had was to cover the bulk head above the sink with barnwood.  EVERYONE thought I was crazy.  I had one contractor tell me I should use hardwood flooring and everyone else who I told my idea to thought it would look really bad.  A few said so but they all thought it.  Cowboy fought me on this one ALL THE WAY.  But he did it.  He cut the wood and nailed it to the bulkhead even though I’m pretty sure he thought it was an insane idea.  Guess what?  It looks fantastic.  I love it so much.  In this pic Cowboy looks all happy, I think it’s relief that my hair-brain idea didn’t have to be taken down and re-drywalled.




I found the CUTEST schoolhouse light fixture at  This company is my new obsession!  Not only do they ship to Canada but they do so REASONABLY!!  I have my eye on a beautiful area rug that is probably going to make its way here once the rest of the renos are done.  The CAD still sucks but the prices are good even with the shitty exchange.





This is me making the love of my life stand there holding the new faucet.  I need visuals, I’m not good at ‘seeing’ the end result in my head.  BUT once the cabinets are in the granite people come to measure and the faucet must be here when they get here.  So I need to make a decision.  So Cowboy gets to stand there and hold a faucet while I take pictures and make sure it’s exactly what I want!



And that is where we are….so close to the finish line!!

We also crossed something else off our list!  We couldn’t decide between a new door or an old barn one and then good ole Rona had the answer.  We picked this up today!!  It comes in plain pine and I’m going to stain it! (this is their picture) I think I’m going to do a white wash/grey/dark walnut mix.  It’s going to be in the living room as an entry it to what will some day be the pantry.  And by someday I mean next year because this current reno is a KILLER!  But next year we will convert the old single attached garage into a full pantry and we’ll go through this beautiful barn door in order to get there.


A modern take on an old farmhouse.  That’s what our house is turning into.  And we are loving it!