Garden 2015….it’s ON!

So last year was my first garden.  It did ‘ok’ but it wasn’t great.  This year I’m back at it and having some early success!  Last year I think I just overthought it.

As soon as the beds and pots were workable I put compost in all the dirt.  Last year I started all my squashes in the house and they just didn’t do well.  I got ONE zucchini and nothing else from the squash family.  So this year I put 4 seeds in each pot hoping a couple would take.   Guess what? They ALL took.  In every pot!  Now I have to get more pots and move some of these because they are too crowded!  Also guess who has two thumbs and didn’t label the different squashes?   THIS girl.

I now have three pots of huge squash plants and no idea which is which.   Here’s either spaghetti, acorn or zucchini.



Next up is the pepper plants.  I bought two.   One is already flowering!!  I spied a little pepper growing on it last night! In the background is another mystery squash plant.





Broccili!  So many people say how much success they have with it so I’m giving it a go.  Also eggplant….these are the two I’m really hoping I have some success with….crossing my fingers!


I did a little herb garden with some basil and other herbs.  It’s loving the sunny spot in my yard.



My little strawberry basket is flowering like crazy.  Even saw a few strawberries starting!



So the garden is truly taking off.  I may even have to stake the beans this week!

One last kitchen and main floor flooring is completely picked!  I didn’t think I would ever get to this point and there are some bits and bobs left to decide.  Things like cabinet pulls and backsplash tile but the main items are all decided.   This is the flooring that has been chosen.  The front entry will be in a huge 12X24 slate tile with a decorative edging.  And the hardwood floors will be solid hardwood in this medium colour.  Full kitchen reno and main floor redo starts July 27th! I feel like there should be a film crew when Cowboy and I do the demo.  2015 the year Our House becomes Our Home!