Gardening…in March….under snow.

I’m not even kidding.  ALL I’m thinking about is my veggie garden.  Currently it’s about the THIRD day above freezing, so I’m a little early.  But I just can’t wait.    I’m dying to start.  I have a such a great space to work with this year and a huge plan for all the bounty that is coming out of the garden this year.  I am CANNING this year!  I have never done full on canning before so it’ll be a learning experience but I’m excited to try something new.  Also I’ve never done a full veggie garden before but this year is our first year in our amazing new house so I’m starting it out with a bang.


The list is as follows……so far……





spaghetti squash






Also there will be a herb garden with thyme, basil, lavender, dill and a few more.

I’m very excited.

Unfortunately there is a LOT of melting that has to happen before I can sow some seeds.  Here’s Molly trying to find the rhubarb plant.



This is my veggie corner.  The raised bed that is under here is going to make a LOT of food for us to can.  Cucumbers a plenty!



The snow IS starting to melt but it’s slow going as we had a VERY large dump of snow this winter followed by extreme cold followed by more dumps of snow.20140310_144648

Here is the full on view of my garden. I almost  got out there and started to shovel so I could sow some seeds.  I’m getting a little antsy.


I’m excited to finally be in my forever home and planting our first garden.  This summer Cowboy will be building our huge pantry.  Between our garden and the farmers market and the years worth of meat we have in the freezer we’ll be ready for any zombie attack!


    • Nicole on March 15, 2014 at 5:02 pm

    I love canning but I have only ever done it with my mom. However, if you decide you want some inexperienced help, call me! lol I can sterilize the jars like no one’s business.

      • admin on March 16, 2014 at 9:21 am

      Oh i have NO idea what I’m doing I’m just doing it! You are more than welcome to come and help with the crazy….I plan on canning a LOT!

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