Once a Dream. Now my Life!

So YEARS ago while living overseas I started hearing about a movement called Backyard Chickens.  I was shocked.  I mean people in the middle of the city having chickens?  How cool is that.  At the time I wasn’t in the place to actually HAVE chickens but that didn’t stop me from joining backyardchickens.com and salivating over all these crazy people and their chickens.    NEVER did I think I would have the chance to own chickens.  And then we bought a house in Devon.  The one little town who is totally okay with them.  The process of getting them is easy peasy.  So Cowboy built me a coop and today was the day I finally got to bring my girls home!



Jersey has decided that chickens are the best thing EVA!!!

The chickens have decided that Jersey is a twit.



Here is how we transported our girls home.  I had bought them at a local critter sale in Millet and a friend of mine (we’ll call her the chicken pusher) babysat them because I was on my way to a weekend in Pigeon Lake with Miss Thing.


The other two girls we call ‘The Twins’.  They are little Cornish girls and their names are Phyllis and Lillian.  Or Phil & Lil for short.  It’s my little nod to the Rugrats.   They TOTALLY have their personality……Happy-PhilLil

So all the girls are now settled in their new coop courtesy of Cowboy.  He built them a delightful fully customized coop with no plans.  Completely off the top of his head.  And it’s awesome.  Fully insulated with three nesting boxes and three long perches.  It’s gorgeous.  And the chickens seem to love it.



Today is painting day!  Here the girls are in their new home.  It’ll be even more special once it’s BARN RED!20150615_154820


Good morning to our girls.  All settled in their new home!



Come on by locals and meet the newest members of our family.  And the rest of you….prepare yourselves….there are going to be a LOT of chicken pictures!