The first step to our future.

So the Cowboy and I have decided that we want to move to the country.  But of course it’s never that easy is it?  He’s still on the road.  We still have a couple of kids at home. I have a job.  We aren’t independently wealthy.  Land here is expensive.  BUT the dream of both of us has always been to live on some land.  AND to live on it together.  So we’ve started a plan.  It’s a long plan but in 4 years we will be moving out to our very own small holding.  (Acreage, small farm, homestead) .   We constantly have an eye out for something that will work for us and we are NOT so patiently waiting for the perfect situation.  While Cowboy finishes up his last 4 years doing long haul I am actively starting to learn skills that will make the transition to country life a little less drastic.  And this year I’m starting with gardening.  I’ve ALWAYS wanted to garden.  I’ve never really done more than a few pots so this year I’ve drove right in and I’m learning a LOT.  There are so many great resources out there and so many different ideas on the “how” and the “why”.   A while ago we had the bushes removed from the south side of the front of our yard.  We had a load of dirt delivered and I set about planning my new garden.  Keep in mind i have NEVER done anything on this scale before.  I follow so many allotment instagrams and had so many ideas.  I knew that i wanted to have a large variety of things in the garden and I knew I needed to try/learn a bunch of new skills so that when we move out in 4 years I can hit the ground running.

First step was ordering some seeds and making a garden plan .   Interesting fact, when you have no idea what you’re doing this stage is the MOST daunting.  I started some tomatoes in the house and some peppers.  This is a hit and miss for me.  I started some under lights ( a TONNE) but the tomatoes were not super successful (more on that later) but some of my peppers made it.  Next year I’ll be starting them much sooner with the lights MUCH closer so i don’t end up with leggy tomatoes.

I’ve spent a lot of time stalking allotments on instagram and let me tell you, people around the world LOVE them some no dig gardens.  I can now see why .   Here is my garden so far!  There are several sections.  The hoop garden is where all of the veggies in the cabbage family.  Apparently this will keep the cabbage worms from decimating my entire crop like last year.   I’ve put up some pallets to hopefully get my squash and cucumbers to climb up.  I’ve put up four teepees.  One is for beans the other three are for peas.  The majority of the garden is planted.  There are onions, carrots, beetroot, chives, swiss chard, corn and pumpkin!  I can spend HOURS in the garden and i do.

I did put some things in baskets after rabbit proofing the yard.  I seeded some herbs but also bought some that were already big.  I LOVE basil, tomato and mozzarella salads and I eat them all summer so I knew I needed a LOT around the yard.  I also planted dill in hopes that I can use it when (WHEN) my cukes come in!  I also am VERY hopeful that my strawberries will produce this year.

I’m VERY excited about the concord grape vine that I picked up.  See I made my first of many gardening mistakes, I put the winter litter from the chicken coop DIRECTLY into the bed against the garage.  Not good.  The chicken poop needs to spend a year or two before it can go into the garden or it’ll burn everything.  So upside no weeds but downside my favourite place to plant tomatoes is useless until next summer.  So I dug out an area added some potting soil and put in a concord grape vine.  I’m hoping I’ll be able to trellis it and it’ll take over the entire wall! Imagine the grapes!!


The girls are laying like CRAZY.  If you’re local and want to buy a dozen eggs let me know!!

One more thing before I FINALLY post this (it’s been over a week since I wrote this I just kept wanting to add more things).  I fell into an internet hole about regrowing veggies and thought I’d give it a try.  Here is my celery end that would normally end up in the food waste or the chicken coop.  i’m regrowing it!


Since I started this post the regrowth has clearly become more impressive.  This baby is going in the garden soon!


Also since I posted there are flowers on the strawberries so we will be enjoying the fruits of MY labours soon.  Time to hit post before I end up having to rewrite the whole blog post!

Next up….the time Allison decided we should change our cute garden shed into a greenhouse and the time Cowboy decided he should get to the chicken coop door before winter hits…..