Yarn sale….

Now there’s two words that sound perfect together. Saturday was the annual Ewe Asked for it sale (no website, darn!) It starts at 8 in the morning and I like to get there before they open because 1. I’m a geek and 2. The most interesting people are always there first thing (stop laughing). This year I could not go right away as I had to drive the oldest offspring to summer school (I threatened him with summer school if he didn’t get his math mark up and he didn’t so off to school he goes for most of July INCLUDING a Saturday) You know of course, that it would end up being the Saturday of my favorite yarn sale as to totally infiltrate MY life. Anyhoo…..I got there by about 8:30 and bought yarn. Very simple. I’m a sane girl. How else would it go?

Everything in the store was FORTY PERCENT OFF. Okay that’s not true some stuff was 50% or 75% and the trek sock yarn was only 15%….but everything else was 40%. I hyperventilated a little, I may have forgot to wipe drool of my chin, I for sure elbowed a cute little European lady who got too close to the sock wall but all in all I bought yarn. Very simple.

Pics to follow tomorrow, I also have a new bike basket and Scotty’s socks are done. I’m dizzy from too much sun and going to bed.

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  1. ya know, when I first saw the pic of the bag-o-yarn, it resembled prescription bottles. Then I realized it was yarn. THEN I figured in a WAY they’re BOTH! Good medicine! wooHOOO!!! Nice st’ash.

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