Something cool happened to me…

Someone (Rebecca that someone is YOU) just spent some time reading my old blog posts.  That someone (again YOU Rebecca) started commenting on old posts and dug out my list of things to do that I posted on my 39th birthday.  At the time I had NO idea what changes were in-store for me.  I had a list of things I wanted to do and really there were only a few things on the list.  Imagine my surprise to re-read the post and see that I had ACTUALLY done them!  For those of you new to the blog the post is HERE. I think the lesson for me here is that dreaming big can lead to big things and more importantly if you want to make your dreams come true the action can do it.  I’ve heard that writing your intentions is an imperative part of getting them done.  If there was ever a doubt in my mind before, it’s gone.

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    • Tammie on September 16, 2009 at 9:36 pm

    This is ironic. Were you in CT when all us girls went out to my birthday dinner and gave everyone a little piece of paper and asked them to quickly write down 5 things they would like to do or accomplish. Writing them with out giving it a lot of thought. Then I told everyone to fold it back up and stick it in their wallet and not look at it again until at least one year from now. Laura told me she had done it and a few years later found it, and said too that she was surprised because she had forgotten about it and most of the things on her list she had done. There is a book called “Write it Down”. Excellent book. It’s amazing how when you “put those things out there” they often manifest.

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