The year of the house is getting messy….

Yesterday I took off with some of the olders to see Book of Mormon.   If I wasn’t on the fast track before I’m going somewhere hot at some point I am now.  I texted my oldest today saying at least if we end up in the eternal flame it’ll be a good time because Trey & Matt will be there to keep us laughing.  His response? ” Word”.  It’s brilliant.  WILDLY inappropriate and deserved every single Tony it won.   Now if only Broadway Across Canada would tour Kinky Boots my life would be complete.

My boy and I drinking a Stella during intermission.


So while we were away my beloved Cowboy held down the fort with the two youngers.  And by held down the fort I mean he just kept on doing all this crazy reno’s for his week off.  See I keep having BRILLIANT ideas that make more work for this man.  I decided that we should do the one wall in our bedroom with old barnwood.  What you say?  Why the HELL would you do that?  Because I’m crazy.  I found a dude on kijiji who was selling an old granary and bought 300 feet of wood.

Since I was busy laughing my ass off and singing “Hello! My name is Elder Price” I needed a back up camera man.  Mr. Magoo went with and took pictures so I could see how it all went down.

His description follows.

“This is the guys truck….and his arm.”


“This is in Cowboy’s truck.” (he didn’t say Cowboy he said his name but whenever I refer to him by his name people get confused)

image (1)

“This is Cowboy just looking at the wood.  Why did you buy so much wood.  It’s really old Mom.”


“This is me, why am I sideways?  I didn’t move the wood cause I was busy being the photographer.”  (Very true as there were 36 photos of wood on his iPad, I narrowed it down)

image (2)

“I didn’t take this picture did you use my iPad?  Ugh.  You need permission next time.” ” I didn’t dude,  I used my phone” “oh.  Okay you’re forgiven” “forgiven for what?  I didn’t use your iPad” “for whatever you do wrong next time then”




And for those of you who are thinking Gee I wonder what that Cowboy can get done in 6 days…here’s a list ( SO FAR he hasn’t left for work yet)

1. Main bathroom second coat (first coat reacted horribly and he had to sand the whole thing)

2. Main bathroom new flooring.  Which then meant it had to be caulked and siliconed every where (isn’t that the same thing)

3. Master bathroom patched and painted.

4. Master bedroom panelling taken down.

5. Master bedroom rewired so we both have outlets and lights on our side of the bed.

6. Master bedroom patched and painted.

7.  Oh wait…too much time to sit while patching of Master bedroom is happening so he made a barnwood frame for the horrible mirror that was previously hanging in the master bath.  Seriously.  I’m writing this as I THOUGHT he was taking a break waiting for the patching to dry and boom he went outside to make a frame for the mirror.  I had to run out there to document it cause he’s so crazy.

THIS was the horrible frame the mirror HAD on it….


This is the new barnwood frame he is currently making while waiting for the patching compound to dry.


Stay tuned to the completed bedroom.  I imagine the barnwood will be up the next rounder home.  He’s a machine.