A year in the life….

We are a living breathing advertisement for healthy living and now we have the photographic proof.  This is the family on our last visit at my inlaws before we left for Germany….August 2009.

The new picture is today, last day of  the  inlaws visit September 2010. 🙁 They fly out tomorrow…so sad to see them go, we’ve enjoyed having them here sooo much.  My mother in law came up with the idea to put us all in the same pose so we could see how the kids have grown.  Love it!  Miss Thing wasn’t even at my shoulder last summer and now she’s past my chin!  Mr. Magoo has grown at least 4 inches too.  Luckily Em was back from his house sitting gig and able to take part in the picture today.  He looks as thrilled as last year but at least he’s wearing a different shirt.  Part of me wanted to put us in the same clothes but none of them fit.  And there is only so much humiliation my children will allow before I have to sleep with the door locked.  Scott is wearing MY old Canada shirt because his is a dress on him and mine is now a dress on me.  I was going to pull out the old Riders shirt in honor of their win yesterday but it’s a t-shirt and it’s cold.


    • Roxanna on September 27, 2010 at 3:19 am

    You guys look awesome!! The kids have grown sooooo much and you all look happy (even Emmett…. I think it’s because he knew I’d look at the picture and that just filled his heart with joy!).

    We’ll have to try to skype again soon okay? Miss you!!

    • anji on October 16, 2010 at 1:08 pm

    you guys look fantastic!! And, you look much happier and healthier this year too!

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