Dick will make you slap somebody.

Seriously I’m knitting. I just started my socks on circs and somehow I got on a youtube video that has me question that I don’t get out enough. The best part is that the other woman in the video is her MOTHER.


  1. Am I a complete pansy? Because I just couldn’t listen to more than half of it and I wanted to slap her. Are you serious the other woman is her MOTHER? No way. I can see me having THAT convo with my mother. No, huh-uh. No.

    • Knitwhit on April 29, 2007 at 12:18 am

    Seriously, this vagina is gonna whup her candy-ass, the little dick-head.
    Okay. I watched all of it. Where oh where did she get all this KNOWledge!
    And why am I still awake?

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