Apr 16

Freezer Meal Day collided with Meatless Monday. Meatless Monday lost.

Seriously I LOVE freezer meals.  I love the idea of taking a little and making a lot.  I LOVE frugal living.  If I won the lottery I would totally still be super frugal living chick.  I would just do it from the most awesome house ever with an amazing farmhouse kitchen!

So today I had a big old pack of hamburger meat and I didn’t know what to do with it.  First stop, pinterest.  I did a browse of the recipes I’ve pinned so far and then decided what I wanted to make was meatballs.  Every time I make meatballs I screw them up.  The problem is in the frying.  I just can’t get the meatballs to stay together like they should.  Problem solved, I baked them instead!! Pinterest knows all.

This is what 2KG of hamburger meat with all the fixin’ for meatballs/meatloaf.

And here’s the PIN if you’re interested in doing it yourself.

Okay this is a LOT of frickin’ meat!

Girl child is taking pictures while saying “wow that’s a lot of meat’ over and over.  I should get some sort of medal for NOT saying “that’s what she said” each time. *Side note.. have I mentioned lately how much I love my dreadlocks?  I mean I absolutely love my hair more than I ever thought I would.  It’s beautiful, all natural and all me.

Finished product ready for the oven.  Now just debating whether to freeze the meatloaf cooked or not cooked.

Next week we’ll have meatless monday again…really we will.  But today, not so much.

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  1. Kimberli

    My what nice balls you have…meatballs that is. Ü Do I get a medal now too??

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