I love starbucks lattes.

I know most of you are here to check in on whether or not I’m moving across the planet but I don’t know yet.  Instead I’m going to take the opportunity to say some things I”ve been thinking since I woke up this morning.

5:00 crap, is that Elijah calling Daddy?  Why isn’t he getting up?  Well screw that I’m not getting up….zzzzzz

8:00 Ugh it’s morning already?  I don’t want to go to yoga.

8:15 Okay I’m going to  yoga.

8:20 Yippee!  Email from the UK..things are looking up!

8:45 Crap I need to hurry I’m going to be late for yoga.

9:10 I made it!

9:11 Yah!  Kreesha’s back I can’t wait to hear all about the Juno’s.

9:15 Damn it’s hot in here today.

9:20 I think I’m dying.

9:45 I hate Bikram.

10:30  I love Bikram this is the best class ever.

11:44  mmmmmm Final Savasana

12:00 I’m hungry.

2:00 My god I love starbucks skinny lattes.

Which leads me to what I’m thinking now….are Starbucks in Brunei?

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    • erin on April 1, 2009 at 8:52 pm

    I don’t think there is. I looked on their website for you…

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