Move west young man, move west.

So it’s come time for the Cowboy to move west.  I mean come ON he’s been living out west for the last few years and never made the plunge.  Today is that day.  He sold his place in Manitoba and is moving PERMANENTLY to Alberta.  It’s a happy/sad day.  I mean I love his little 100 year old wonky house in Manitoba but it doesn’t work for us at all.  First it’s in MANITOBA so kind of a far commute for the kids at school and second it’s 100 year old 2 bedroom house with a main floor bathroom, so you know FORGET IT!  But he did fix up that crooked old house all by himself.  He took a derelict old property and made it into the sweetest little house.  I’m glad i had a chance to stay there before it was sold and I’ll miss it, it FEELS like Cowboy.


So he is currently in Manitoba packing up the house and moving west to be with me and the kids….


It’s a huge job and the 20 foot Seacan filled up a LOT faster than he thought it would.



But he’s all packed up and ready to come here and start our new life.  Best part of the day was when he texted and said, ‘oh yeah I traded the Caddy for a boat.’  God I love my boyfriend.  And apparently now we have a boat.




Never a dull moment with Cowboy.

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    • Latoya on May 16, 2013 at 9:45 pm

    So cool that he can move the house, drive the truck, and still be spontaneous enough to trade a Cadi for a boat. Smile.

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