Three months

Yep, it took three months for our stuff to arrive from the UK.  But it’s here and we are very happy.

Mostly Mr. Magoo is happy because he missed some of his bigger toys that we were unable to bring on the plane.  So of course you would expect that for the next few days ALL he would do is ride around in his Tonka truck and play with those toys.  You would be wrong.

He has found the plastic Ikea cups and taken up cup stacking.

So every day I’m worried it’s the “last” nice day so we end up at the park a LOT.  You see when it’s 30 below and going to the park is not an option, I look back on these final days of fall and curse myself for being lazy.  The children sense my weakness and yesterday looked at me with big doe eyes and asked if we could go to the park.  I said yes and grabbed the camera.

Got some amazing shots.  Here are a couple of my favorites.  And yes, I have beautiful children.  They get it from me!

Mr. Magoo adores his sister.

Miss Thing is a gorgeous girl isn’t she?

Fall is for throwing leaves.

Fall is also for swinging at the park with your Mommy and sister and pumping your legs so you go high as the sky!

Til next time…

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    • Sharon on November 1, 2011 at 4:45 pm

    oh you have gorgeous children 🙂

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