Apr 14

Wow, where have I been?

I’m naughty.  I’ve been writing blog posts in my head without actually writing blog posts.  So here’s an update.  It was spring and then it snowed, then it was spring again and then snowed.  That is the full story of the last month.  Man I miss London and Heidelberg by now it would be full on spring!

We’ve made a new and exciting DVD watching space in Mr. Magoos room.  And by “we” I mean he told me what he wants and then made me move shit all over his room until he said “Yup, like that”.

Miss Thing bought herself a laptop.  We haven’t seen her since.  In case you are wondering the SMARTEST nanny software out there allows you to turn off internet access during certain hours in the day!  LOVE IT! So yeah, between 8:30 and 8:30 she can’t go online in secret in her room.  NOT that a 13 year old girl would EVER do such a thing!

Gertrude is getting a work out almost every day.  She loves it, she’s such a good girl.  You know the type, never leave the house without lipstick, always looks like a lady but tough as nails.  Yep, that’s Gertrude.

She gets the kids in the kitchen with me a LOT.  So in my book Gertrude is a true genius.

Okay off to read more of the Hunger Games…on the second book, may be ignoring the rest of my life in order to finish the series.  Just sayin’…..