Second bag….and second son….

Okay, so I am addicted to these felted bags. They are so easy and fun. I think they are the perfect bag for the person who constantly has to be switching gears. I can put it down and come back to it and not worry about where I am or ripping stitches. Mother’s Day is coming I have to knit like a demon! Here’s the second one!

Here’s Mr. Magoo first thing this morning in his new clothes. He looks stunned.

And then he realized that the camera was on. “MY CLOSE UP, MR. DEVILLE!”

How old am I?

Well let the swearing begin…..when the FUCK did I get this old. Come on! I was cool. I was hip. I went to parties. I watched way too many of my friends pass out next to the big fire pit. I drove stick down at Diefenbaker park after smokin’ the wacky tobacky. What the hell happened? I’m going to be 37 this week and I can’t have a wine cooler in the evening with out getting floopy and having to go to bed? I used to do shots of tequila to warm up BEFORE going to the bar. I used to take back bottles to have enough money for dollar vodka nites at the club. I used to MIX alcohol! I used to use my money for gas, cigarettes and booze…..and I was SKINNY. Granted, I had bad hair and I do believe that while at that bar I may have, or may have not thrown up on one or two people but GEEZ.


Stupid frickin’ 37th birthday.

At least I’m still cute.

Finished, finished, finished….

So here it is….yes it’s morning, no it’s not a holiday, yes I should be getting ready for work, no the kids aren’t ready, no I haven’t made their lunches, yes I’m freshly out of the shower, yes I’ve KNITTED TODAY!

So now my purse is felted and drying. My house is a mess, but dammit, my bag it done!

My poor sad pathetic family…

Is it wrong to completely ignore your husband and children to knit? I didn’t think so, but if you never pose the question. Bad knitting day today though so thank god I completely did nothing but knit yesterday. It all evens out. Plus with dh’s 2 round of golf this weekend, I think I can be forgiven anything.

Spent a couple hours at the emergency for El, for what turned out to be hives. I just didn’t think you could get hives without the itchin’. Go figure.

Got one front bed all cleaned out and part of the rocks down, I figure in two weeks our front yard will look amazing!

Oh and the knitting you ask…’s my first felted bag pre-felting, I’m throwing it in the wash as soon as I’m done updatin’ the ole blog.

studying…and knitting

I FINALLY got my course! I’m taking the distance learning course to become a real estate agent! I’m so freakin’ excited! I hope to write my exam by July and be practising this summer. This however is NOT getting in the way of my very first felting project. I picked up the yarn (a beautiful Galway) and have already finished the strap and I’m working on the body of the bag. I love that this pattern is so nice and easy for my first handbag. And the summer/fall colours are going to be perfect! I’ve got orange, yellow and and orange/yellow mix. I have some novelty yarn too but I’m a little worried about putting it in.

Here’s me on the couch, study and knitting.

The handles are done and I’m showing dh how it all works…these handle remind me of my boobs. Gawd, I need to get back on that treadmill today something…knitting, exercising, studying, cooking, cleaning……I need a wife. Holy crap I just noticed how freaking fat I look in this second pic….oh well, I’m knitting and studying and that makes me happy!

Am I insane?

Oh the weather outside is delightful!

I wish I could spend the whole day lazing about. But alas, not to be. Ugh. I did spend the better part of the morning looking out the window but it’s not the same thing. My yard needs work, there’s raking to be done.

Here’s my dilemma, I have a job offer. I don’t want it. I can’t believe how stressed I am about turning them down. I should have just done it on the phone. Ugh. I. hate. saying. no.

I’ve discovered the joys of blogs, I’m staying up late reading different blogs. I’m going to start adding links to mine.

god, i’m boring. i did come up with a great idea to blog about last night…should have written it down.

My boys….oh how sweet they are.

Nice to know they both are addicted to the computer…

Here they are in the van yesterday…… Elijah trying to look sweet….

And Em looking like a surly teenager.

Spring has sprung.

So two days ago I spent my hours in the garden. It was beautiful, in fact I was sweating like a PIG. Loving the work out, dreaming of spending my four days off getting the yard ready for spring. Today as I layed in bed, I planned to take Elijah out with me while Scott was going golfing. To be a pain I said “I hope it snows today” Apparently, I control the weather. This is what it looks like out my back door.

And here’s out my front door.

It won’t stick around but it’s a pain in the ass. Thank god we have one more day off. And now I’m stuck with the hubby AND the kids all day. Off to knit!

Blog Garden

So today is the first day of real nice weather. I was out in the garden cleaning up a little….man there is so much crap all over after a long winter. I did about an hours work cause I know that if I’m out there much longer I won’t be able to move tomorrow. Can’t find the damn camera so no pics today.

Sad news from the small craft world. Lewiscraft is closing down. I guess they can’t compete with the likes of Michael’s in every corner of the city. Went and bought some yarn I don’t need just to walk around and get a last look. Did pick up some circulars though. And some beautiful acrylic to make Brittney a scarf with. I hope she likes it. Who knows with a 13 year old.

Learning this blog thing is so fun. I remember trying to journal as a kid, I was never very successful. And when I was, my mom would find it and read it and I would write for months! Finally figured out how to put links on and added some of my new favorite blogs to read. I hope that’s okay, not sure of the ettiquette.

More later…..

If I won the lotto…

I don’t believe that I am the type of person who needs a lot of money. In fact I don’t care about “things”. But what money could allow me to do…I’m all over that. If I didn’t have to work and had some play money every month I would craft all day long. Okay not true, I would have a personal trainer person to work on my fat butt and I would spend part of the day in the garden but other than that I would be crafting. Sure I would have to “look after the children” and “cook and clean” ugh, but mostly I would knit and sew and learn new crafts. Like Punch embroidery….man I wanna do that. And spinning, I could TOTALLY get into spinning. Darn work.