2015 The Year Our House becomes Our HOME.

And so the Year of Style comes to a close.  Gone are my ridiculous spending sprees at Modcloth.  Now I have a full closet of beautiful dresses!  Okay, that might be a little premature considering I currently have two orders waiting for me at the US post box.  What it really means is I have turned the corner and now I KNOW without a doubt that my style is important to my mental health.  That I deserve to have my outside match my inside.   I feel more beautiful than I ever have….I hit that intention out of the park!  So I have been thinking for a few months about what the heck I want to do for this year.  The one thing I’ve learned is that I suck at resolutions but I really love having a yearly intention.

I should make it to be less of a bitch on a day to day basis but everyone out there knows that is so not going to happen.  Just ask the sales girl at Hollister from two days ago.  Side note when you have a BIG ASS SIGN that says that all you need to do a return at Hollister is a receipt AND written all over your damn receipt is all you need is a receipt,  you can not then decide to deny a return because the tag is not attached.  Well you can try, but I’m walking out of Hollister with my damn money and you are holding my kid’s sweater that didn’t fit her properly.   So um, the Year of not being a Bitch is a dud and it’s January 3rd.

So this year I am setting my intention for our HOME.   We bought the house 18 months ago and we both love it.  We are settled. We will be here together, forever.  BUT we have dreams of how we want the house to look and how we want our styles to join together into OUR home.  A little bit Cowboy and a little bit Allison.  This year I’m focusing on changing our house into a warm, country house.  With reclaimed wood floors, with beautifully home made curtains and antiques in every room.  This year I am going to spend all my energy and skills making our house into our home.

It’s starting….first off was Cowboy making these amazing robe holders for our room.  I love the feel of reclaimed barn wood all around us.


Then lighting  started to happened.  Ok, so I’m a gal who loves a bargain and if you are buying new there is NO store like Canadian Tire for good deals.  Seriously.  If you are patient you can get the most awesome deals at Canadian Tire.  Currently they have Debbie Travis lighting on for 85% off.  You read that right 85% off.  So these floor lamps were orginally 129.99 and we picked them up for 18.99 .  I only was looking for one, but at that price I got two.


Hey look!  Cute Cowboy alert!


Next we needed a new chandelier.   The one that came with the house was too dark and heavy for the space BUT I had no idea what I wanted.  I kept putting it off…but since we are having electricians in this month I was getting near the end of the procrastination window….so this Debbie Travis chandelier which was originally selling for 249.99 is on sale for 34.99.  So glad I took the risk as I didn’t know what I wanted but it looks amazing in the space.  Exactly what I wanted, without knowing what I wanted.


Here it is looking the other way.

20150103_133238 (1)

So this year?  What you are going to see?  A lot of changes in our beautiful home.  It’s going to become more ‘homey’.  More wood, more natural, more handmade items.  It’s going to be amazing!  How do I know?  Because when I set an intention, it happens.  That is what is so great about setting an intention versus New Years resolutions.  Best decision I ever made…welcome to the journey.   Feel free to follow me on pinterest if you want to see the vision forming.  I have the kitchen almost complete on vision boards and the floors I know exactly what I want, now to find them!  Well now to find them for a reasonable price.  Because not only will I be transforming our home, I’ll be doing it on a budget….

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  1. Congratulations on your awesome purchases and your new homey home! The ever time-sucking Pinterest has my “For the Home” and “DIY” boards filled to capacity and one of these days I’m going to get my headboard made and my table top refinished and the DIY-bubbling fountain made in the backyard. Hope you make more progress than I have. 😉

      • admin on January 7, 2015 at 9:48 am

      It’s been 18 months and the progress was NIL. It’s not that anything NEEDS to be done, the house is gorgeous as is…it’s just not ‘US’. All the ideas I’ve had but very little progress. I’m committing this year to make our home stunning. Make every nook and cranny ours. And since committing to the idea we have already started going crazy….the tankless hot water tank guy was here today. He is also running the gas line which means we can get our gas stove! I’m having the painter in by late February/early March so that this summer we can do the floors. No more messing around! Oh and the pile of barn wood in the garage…I’m totally doing something with that….

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