Eight weeks can change your life.

So something changed. On May 2nd I went to see a new doctor. It wasn’t a normal doctor. It was a hormone specialist. Let me back up? No, there is too much.  Let me sum up. (Points for anyone who gets the reference). I’m a 50 year old woman. I started to go through peri-menopause and was dealing with hot flashes. It was NOT fun. I went to my regular doctor and she was NOT helpful at all. Lots of “well you are middle aged” (fucking OUCH) and “it might not last that long”. So then I tried to find a local menopause clinic. TWO YEAR WAIT. So I finally found out about private clinics and decided that I should make an appointment. The private clinics are all about BHRT (google if you’re interested). I told them I can be fat, I’m love me and that is not why I’m here….but I can NOT go through hot flashes AND be fat. Like it’s too much. I’m at work dealing with back to back hot flashes while taking blood from patients. I’ve put my head in the freezer. Like come ON. Turns out they do all the hormone tests, not just the sex hormone hot flash related ones….turns out that I had HIGH fasting insulin. NOT a good thing. The doctor told me that there seems to be evidence that intermittent fasting can reduce high fasting insulin numbers. She also suggested that I read the book The Obesity Code by Canadian nephrologist Dr Jason Fung. She said basically ‘give it a read and we’ll talk in 8 weeks at your check up’. Side note* . i went there for the hot flashes and they are gone!! All my peri symptoms are completely under control. She also said for me to get a primary doctor in case i need to get a prescription for metformin (for the high insulin levels) because I would only being seeing her once a year for my menopause symptoms. So I got a new doctor who said “yup that’s high” and was going to refer me to a endo to figure out what was going on. I asked her to wait on the referral because I was going to try to get it down by myself. She agreed (well i’m pretty sure she thought “AS IF” in her head but she agreed) So for 8 weeks I followed EXACTLY what the book told me. I also read his book The Complete Book of Fasting. Well wait…..actually I read that one first because I honestly didn’t care about the weight thing, my primary worry was the high fasting insulin number. Also I thought the title wasn’t meant for me but that’s another issue. So for the next 8 weeks I saw the changes in my body. I started to feel so damn good. Every joint and muscle ache went away. My persistent plantar fasciitis? Gone. Oh and I started dropping weight like a MoFo. But i had no idea what was happening in my blood. I had to do my follow up blood work and wait until today to see if the changes were not only affecting my waist line but also my blood work.

So…..this news just in. My bloodwork is AMAZING!!!! No longer insulin resistant. No longer pre-diabetic. No need for metformin (which she hinted at last visit). Fasting insulin WAS 179 just EIGHT weeks ago. Which is WAY beyond the normal range of 35-140 pmol/L . And now it is 87. I cut it in HALF in eight weeks. Thats INSULIN PEOPLE. Not glucose. No doc had ever tested insulin as my fasting glucose was 5.1 and completely within range. So yeah I’m happy the weight is coming off but I am ECSTATIC about my risk of diabetes being GONE!!! So glad she suggest IF and said “you might want to read this book called The Obesity Code. The guy that wrote it is a Canadian nephrologist. Read it and we can discuss it at your next check up in 8 weeks” I think she was pretty sure I was going to need a prescription. She had “metformin + or -” written down to ask me if I’d found a primary physician. She said “well I’ll just cross THIS out now”. She was grinning ear to ear and thrilled for me. She was like “see you in a YEAR!” My support person at the clinic hugged me.

All the clothes Im organizing and selling so I can buy NEW clothes that fit me!

So the vanity side of me is super happy that in 8 weeks i’ve gone from my 1X clothes being tight to size 10/medium. But most importantly I am more proud of myself for changing my future. I won’t be a type II diabetic. I will NOT deal with all the issues that comes with that. I will no longer be starving myself on 1500 calories a day and being at the gym 2 hours a day/5 days a week. Now I go paddling, I go for 5 km walks/hikes, I go to yoga, I lift weights on the days i WANT to instead of going to the gym daily and seeing almost no results. I do physical activities because I WANT to and I enjoy the activity. So for all the people sending me messages asking What Did You DO? That is what I did. It wasn’t about getting skinny or not loving my body. It was about being at the beginning of a very scary health ride that I wanted to jump off of quickly.

I want to be VERY clear. I have never NOT loved my body. I love it curvy, squishy and delicious and I love it now. My hubby loves it no matter what. He is thrilled with me at ANY SIZE. Trust me. He legitimately doesn’t care what size the package comes in. What he does care about? My FEAR of that insulin number and what that might have meant for me in the future. He’s the most supportive guy I’ve ever met. Is he enjoying the new bod? Um yes but I think that has more to do with the fact that I now have a ridiculous amount of energy and am much more bendy LOL.

Here’s the last thing….in ALL the years I’ve probably had insulin resistance, PCOS and hashimotos (my best guess is over 20 years) NOT ONE DOCTOR I saw did blood work that would have shown what the issue was. And that was with me BEGGING to check my thyroid (i assumed it was my thyroid) and saying that something was up. They sent me to nutritionist. I followed EXACTLY what they said with absolutely NO results. When I would go back they would suggest that I wasn’t REALLY doing what they told me. I had binder upon binder of recipes and plans given to me by nutritionist. Nothing ever changed. Because all this time I was fighting against insulin in my body. So now I know and I’m healing myself. Thankful beyond belief for the staff at True Balance for how they listened to me and BELIEVED me. Today was a damn good day. I am BEYOND proud of myself and I’m excited to see where this journey takes me. And if you are interested….go ahead and pick up a copy of The Obesity Code or one other books by Dr. Jason Fung The Diabetic Code, The Longevity Solution & The Complete Guide to Fasting.

Me in a discount retailer trying on clothes from the $5 rack that are sized medium and being repeatedly shocked. I mean I want new clothes but I’m cheap AF 🙂 .