Honey? Honey? Um….do you think you could stack the washing machine and dryer?

I have a vision of how I want our home to look.  I want our house to be a mix of Cowboy and me.  I don’t want someone to walk in and think “this house is ALL Allison” or “Man, clearly Cowboy lives here”.  I want people to walk in and say “this is the perfect mix of this awesome couple”.  We are slowly making our house “ours”.  A few months back we were in a little store in Carvel AB and found hooks for our bathrobes.  I had an idea to make them more ‘ours’ by mounting them on barn wood.  Today my sweetie did just that…


See?  Not Allison or Cowboy…..OURS.

This is how most things start in our house.  With me getting a brilliant idea and Cowboy having to implement it.  Today it was the laundry room.  When we bought our house 18 months ago the number one thing that made me fall in love with the place was the laundry room/mudroom at the back of the house.  I have ALWAYS wanted a mudroom.  I think they are the most useful rooms in a home.  But new homes don’t usually have them and old homes had them and they have been converted into something else.

So of course I didn’t take a very good ‘before’ picture but what we had before was the washer and dryer side by side with a bank of cupboards above them.  Super good set up BUT I found it awkward to get to the dryer. There is another bank of cupboards that constantly got in my way.


Cowboy came up with the idea of moving the cupboards to the other side of the mudroom.  The problem (as in every house I’m sure) is there are never enough cupboards so losing this bank of them meant we would have a whole lot of shit with no where to put it.  He’s brilliant this one.




Note how I remembered to scream for Miss Thing to take a picture part way through so you can get the full renovation experience!  I’m such a giver.  *Yes I’m wearing pajamas.  No I  don’t give any fucks.


We NEED these cupboards.  So glad he thought of this!    This is the pile of stuff we had waiting to go ‘somewhere’ if we couldn’t keep the cupboard.  I had NO idea where this ‘somewhere’ would be…


Finished project!  We now have much better flow in the room.

*Yes I already put pyrex up on top of the cupboards….shut up.  I’m writing this blog post and looking up wood working plans for Cowboy to make me  recycling centre of our bottles and such.  Ooooo maybe with barn wood!  He’s so lucky that I can constantly come up with amazing new ideas for him to do in our home.   He would be so bored if I didn’t.  I’m doing it for him really….


And most importantly I can reach the clothes in the far regions of the dryer without putting a hip out.

The electricians are coming next month to move our panel I’m going to have them move the dryer 220 plug in as well.  But all in all a very quick but super important and useful house reno.



I know there are so many of you out there who are jealous of my amazing man and his ability to get shit done.  To this I say “SUCK IT BITCHES!!! HE’S ALL MINE!!”  Because I’m mature like that…..