It’s Vegas Baby!

Seriously?  How is this my life?

So the Cowboy and I once again had to cancel our beach vacay.  The car decided that weeks before we were suppose to be hitting the beach.  Oh and not a little fix either, the entire transmission blew! On my AWD GMC Acadia.   Yeah, so not cheap.  In fact the new transimission was almost the exact cost of the trip we were planning. So no fancy beach vacation for us.  I was horribly disappointed but with all the obligations that we have coming it we couldn’t exactly say ‘screw it, lets go anyway’.  No we VERY responsibly decided that we would pay for a new transmission and stay home.  That was until one day when Cowboy said, ‘well, we could just do something smaller’.   One of the ideas he threw out there was Vegas.  You see we have a big old RV and we have a big truck that will pull it.  If we use the big truck it doesn’t really cost us anything…so we could drive to Vegas, camp for four days and drive back for the cost of food and a cheap camping site.  Well I jumped at that idea!  I love Vegas and I haven’t been for awhile.


So we loaded up the RV and set off for the two day drive!

I have never been one for long distance driving holidays and so far I’ve taken one every year with my love.  He LOVES driving holidays so he was in his glory.

All the little small towns along the way were fun.


Usually while my love is on the road he sends me a bunch of pictures of the passing roadway. This time it was me taking pictures!


That last  picture is very deceiving, it SNOWED all the way to frickin’ UTAH.  I was all excited for the snow to stop by the time we hit Lethbridge and it was almost Arizona before it finally stopped.

Anyway we arrived in Vegas and set up our campsite.  Oh sidebar the first two night we just slept where ever.  I’ve never done that before, pulling off the side of the road and just hopping into the trailer was very convenient.  Traveling with your own toilet is good too.  You can just stop, run and pee and keep going.


We had a wonderful time just being together.  We even played card for the first time since Christmas.  We NEVER have time to just sit and play cards.  It was wonderful.



I’m not a big RV’er but if I’m going to go then this huge 5th wheel is the way to go.

The rest of the trip was a blur of gambling shopping and food.  We found our new fav Vegas restaurant called Nacho Daddy’s.  Holy CRAP good food. We happened to wonder in on Taco Tuesday….we ate a LOT.


Here’s me hanging with the flamingos….in my eShakti dress.  Okay first of all, I dressed like CRAZY all over Vegas.  I love my new style and I love how it makes me feel.  20140402_160700


Ok so lots more happened…suffice it to say we had a glorious week off.   We will go back to Vegas soon….for the sights OH and the fact that El Cortez in the Fremont area has tables and tables of one shoe blackjack tables and that made my Cowboy a happy man. And I won a crazy amount playing the slots there….it’s our new favourite casino!


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    • Alana on April 26, 2014 at 10:43 am

    I think it’s the universe’s way of telling you your beach holiday is supposed to be in GREECE! Glad the two of you had some quality time together.

      • admin on April 26, 2014 at 7:34 pm

      I completely agree!

    • CGG Crista :-) on May 5, 2014 at 11:32 pm

    The “El” is a favorite with the locals, too. We almost always win there :). And we love to stay in the Cabana Suites when we take a staycation. But you don’t have to pay for a room, you have your RV :).

      • admin on May 6, 2014 at 4:55 pm

      Next time we will definitely be flying in! We enjoyed driving down but it’s a LONG trip to make for a few days.

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