Blog Garden

So today is the first day of real nice weather. I was out in the garden cleaning up a little….man there is so much crap all over after a long winter. I did about an hours work cause I know that if I’m out there much longer I won’t be able to move tomorrow. Can’t find the damn camera so no pics today.

Sad news from the small craft world. Lewiscraft is closing down. I guess they can’t compete with the likes of Michael’s in every corner of the city. Went and bought some yarn I don’t need just to walk around and get a last look. Did pick up some circulars though. And some beautiful acrylic to make Brittney a scarf with. I hope she likes it. Who knows with a 13 year old.

Learning this blog thing is so fun. I remember trying to journal as a kid, I was never very successful. And when I was, my mom would find it and read it and I would write for months! Finally figured out how to put links on and added some of my new favorite blogs to read. I hope that’s okay, not sure of the ettiquette.

More later…..