Cupid, draw back your bow….

It’s amazing how when you are feeling blue suddenly there is a light.  In my case that light is shaped remarkably similar to a 12 year old boy.  Last night my sweet Mr. Magoo decided to draw the entire family as Simpson characters.  I am drawn as Marge.  This might be my favourite thing ever.  My halloween costume for 2016 is sorted.  Just need to find a lime green dress.  I already have the red shoes!



Today Mr. Magoo has requested that we watch “Bumpa’s video”  in honour of the 10th anniversary of his death. He’s been planning on watching it with me for over a month.  He reminded me last week “in case you forget it’s February 4th” Gee thanks Elijah……He is so proud of being one in the video.   So in honour of my sweet boy here is the video I made for all of Bumpa’s kids I can’t find the CD but thankfully I saved it in a million different places so I’d always have a copy.   He Raised Me Up…..