Homemade sushi

So along with my “Healthy” addiction to knitting…..I’ve decided that I don’t have enough going on. I should learn new things and add more crap to my life…cause being stressed and crazy isn’t enough. I must push myself to the edge.

ENTER SUSHI MAKING. Yep….read it online….made it today.

god, I love the internet.

Oh and here’s a cute pic of the kid (my youngest)…just because. Once again taking his soother on a trip out of the house….his parents are so proud.

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    • Dipsy Doodle on May 29, 2006 at 10:23 am

    Hi from Austria! Isn’t it great getting all these fantastic recipes out of the Internet? Your sushi looks so yummy indeed! And I love that pic of your little one, he’s such a cutie with this innocent look!
    Dipsy D. http://www.millharrow.com/weblog

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