How old am I?

Well let the swearing begin…..when the FUCK did I get this old. Come on! I was cool. I was hip. I went to parties. I watched way too many of my friends pass out next to the big fire pit. I drove stick down at Diefenbaker park after smokin’ the wacky tobacky. What the hell happened? I’m going to be 37 this week and I can’t have a wine cooler in the evening with out getting floopy and having to go to bed? I used to do shots of tequila to warm up BEFORE going to the bar. I used to take back bottles to have enough money for dollar vodka nites at the club. I used to MIX alcohol! I used to use my money for gas, cigarettes and booze…..and I was SKINNY. Granted, I had bad hair and I do believe that while at that bar I may have, or may have not thrown up on one or two people but GEEZ.


Stupid frickin’ 37th birthday.

At least I’m still cute.


    • jennster on April 26, 2006 at 6:42 pm

    LOL- happy birthday!!! 🙂

    • KNITWHIT on April 27, 2006 at 1:05 am

    Oh, can I empathize with you! I wrote this on my blog, page 2, a few months ago when trying to find a dress for our oldest son’s wedding:

    If you get the chance, copy and paste it in your addy bar and you’ll most definitely feel better!

    Happy birthday!

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