I’m suppose to be studying.

So I write my exam on Thursday at 1 p.m. I’m nervous as hell but excited at the same time! I’ve decided that I am going to do very well and have a study plan in place for the next 2 days. I cannot however stop thinking about going to buy wool. I would LOVE to make some socks as I’m studying. I have to run over to the school to do some photocopying and work and it IS right beside the yarn store……

Update on the kids. So we have FOUR kids in the house now. Its very different. How you ask? Apparently I’m lazy. My big kid doesn’t really take any attention and the little one doesn’t particularly like me when Dad is in the room. So I’ve had this pretty easy parenting for the last few years. These two girls are ACTIVE! And they take work, and they are ALWAYS hunger! So we’ve discovered the joys of summer camp! Last night they came home draggin’ their sorry little butts on the ground with grins the size of a small boat. But the best part is, they are very sweet, and they like to watch me knit. They think that my knitting is the coolest thing they have ever seen. They think that I’m magical with the knitting needles. I’m going to have these little cuties knitting if it kills me!

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    • KNITWHIT on July 11, 2006 at 2:20 am

    Okay. It’s after the exam. How’d it go?
    And wow on the kid front! How great of you to do that, especially for them.

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