My poor sad pathetic family…

Is it wrong to completely ignore your husband and children to knit? I didn’t think so, but if you never pose the question. Bad knitting day today though so thank god I completely did nothing but knit yesterday. It all evens out. Plus with dh’s 2 round of golf this weekend, I think I can be forgiven anything.

Spent a couple hours at the emergency for El, for what turned out to be hives. I just didn’t think you could get hives without the itchin’. Go figure.

Got one front bed all cleaned out and part of the rocks down, I figure in two weeks our front yard will look amazing!

Oh and the knitting you ask…’s my first felted bag pre-felting, I’m throwing it in the wash as soon as I’m done updatin’ the ole blog.

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    • kristinma on April 24, 2006 at 4:02 am

    shades of pink with red and orange
    would be a GREAT bag you know… I love
    it ~

    Well done Allie!

    Yeah, I hear you about ignoring the rest of ’em:
    I’ve done that for a really good book.
    It happens; they get over it.

    At least you took Elijah to the ER.
    Do they know WHY the hives? Glad for
    him that he’s not scratchey!

    xx pink, red and orange… remember
    that! 😉

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