The Last days….

Tonight is our last sleep in the old house.
Where we got married.
Where I delivered Elijah.
Where we became a family.
Where we spent 5 years.
Where my Daddy knew where I lived.

Tomorrow night we’ll sleep above ground again.
I’ll have a kitchen pantry.
I never have to clean stovetop coils again.
I can bring my groceries right into the house.
We can have a fresh start.
Where we’ll live for the next 25 years……I hope.

Yesterday I moved over the box(es) of yarn that I packed away and all my current project, save one…….Sunday I will sit on the couch and knit in my new home.

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    • KNITWHIT on March 4, 2007 at 5:13 am

    I hope you can post of picture of your new home. And remember, wherever you live, home is where your story begins.



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